TRANE 20 KW Liquid Cooled (Built-in Radiator)

(3 customer reviews)


Installed with a 120G Propane Tank, Liquid Cooled, ATS and Gel Battery Included, 20-25 year Lifetime, 10 day continuous runtime, Quiet operation

Installed with a 120G Propane Tank

Liquid Cooled Air Cooled

Initial Cost
20 % More


Gel Battery

Cost of Installation

Engine Life
20-25 years

4 quarts oil and filter

Check / Change Antifreeze

Run Time
10 days. 8 Hours

Load Shed
Quiet operation Switch Noise

3 reviews for TRANE 20 KW Liquid Cooled (Built-in Radiator)

  1. Arty

    Personally, liquid cooled is my go to. Absolutely love it and they installed it quickly. Best part no sleazy salesman tactics trying to earn a big commission by ripping us off.

  2. RJ

    Quick install. Pretty quiet for its size and power.

  3. Jorge Hernandez

    Fast install 👍

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